The Fixed Price SEO Audit & Video Explainer

SEO doesn’t have to be confusing and expensive.

Get an expert-written SEO audit and strategy for your business for just $200. Written in plain English and designed to be implement yourself.

Plus, a video explainer demonstrating specific SEO opportunities for your site.

What you get

An expert SEO strategy for your business

Who is the DIY SEO audit for?

The DIY SEO audit is designed for businesses who want to implement their own SEO strategy. It is ideal for startups, small businesses and freelancers who prefer to do their own marketing.


Building a network of links to your site is often a key goal of SEO. However, buying links and other spammy tactics are liable to get you penalised. I focus on building real authority based on real relationships.

Small businesses

Content marketing is another aspect of SEO. An SEO specialist can tell you which search queries (keywords) you should use as a basis for your website content that will bring in traffic and customers.


Technical SEO covers all aspects of how search engines understand your website. If your site has technical issues preventing search engines from crawling, indexing or making sense of the site, then fixing those should be a priority.