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Does this go against Google’s ToS?

Google’s Link Schemes page provides guidance on link practices that “can negatively impact performance in search”:

The following are examples of link schemes which can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results:

  • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank.

This includes

  • Exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links
  • Exchanging goods or services for links
  • Sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing it and including a link
  • Excessive link exchanges (“Link to me and I’ll link to you”) or partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking.
  • Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links.
  • Using automated programs or services to create links to your site.
  • Requiring a link as part of a Terms of Service, contract, or similar arrangement without allowing a third-party content owner the choice of qualifying the outbound link, should they wish.

With this in mind, this service could be seen as “exchanging goods or services for links” or an example of “link exchanges”.

If you are concerned by this then you should not sign up for Link Club.

Link Club is designed to avoid functioning as a link scheme. It is a social network for link builders like HARO. There is an element of exchange taking place, but the goal is not to manipulate Google. Links built are created by real people and are useful links that add value.

What if Google finds out about this?

Firstly, this service is designed to fall within what we believe to be good practice for link building. It is far removed from typical link spam. For example private blog networks, automated link insertions, paid link building and use of fake properties. All of the above are common practice in the SEO industry whilst this service strives to promote quality relevant link building in line with how the internet should work.

Secondly, the directory of links is securely held on our servers and users are not given access to the full list of sites. The network will be indistinguishable from the rest of the internet because it is natural link building.

Why no direct link swaps?

Direct link swaps can be easily spotted and disqualified by Google. Additionally, by creating a natural network of links the power of the network becomes greater than a link-for-link swap.

Is it completely free?

Yes, this is a free service.

How do you prevent spam?

Link Club will manually check sites and links being created on the platform. You can also report spam to us.

How does the credit system work?

You earn 1 credit for 1 link. Users with credits will then be able to receive links.