SEO for Fashion eCommerce: How to Compete in Google

Ecommerce requires a solid SEO foundation

What I can do for your online store

Digital PR & link outreach

You CAN compete with the likes of Amazon when it comes to SEO, but you’ll need digital PR and link building strategy to do it. I offer white-hat link building focusing on key pages where it matters as well as digital PR campaigns designed to get attention as well as backlinks.

Technical SEO

With so many pages, categories and products technical SEO can be the Achilles heal of ecommerce stores. I have a strong technical SEO background and can troubleshoot thorny tech SEO issues to find a solution for you.

I also value honesty and prioritising SEO. I don’t believe in fixing expensive technical issues if it isn’t going to help your sales and performance.

E-commerce strategy

In my view strategy should be at the core of all SEO. That means starting with “why” before moving on to the “what” and “how”. Quick wins are good but big wins are better.