SEO Packages Tailored for Your Business

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Complete SEO Made to Measure

Everything you need to grow your business using SEO is included in my SEO packages, which will be tailored to meet your budget and objectives.

Usually an SEO package contains all of the following:

Keyword & market research.

Content templates, creation & strategy.

Fixing technical SEO problems if and when you need it, including a full technical audit for complex sites.

High-quality link acquisition strategy & services.

SEO That Starts With “Why”

Typical SEO agencies and freelancers will sell you automated software reports that don’t really take into account business goals.

I prefer to “start with why” to borrow from Simon Sinek. That means starting with your business objectives and your revenue goals. Only then I can show how you will get a worthwhile return on your investment.

Contact me today to discuss your goals and get a free proposal that outlines how you’ll achieve them.

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