About me & my approach to SEO

I’m Jack, an SEO specialist. I’ve worked in SEO for 5 years, with companies generating millions in revenue from search traffic, as well as smaller ecommerce brands, startups and solopreneurs.

Why focus on SAAS SEO?

One thing I’ve noticed again and again is that smaller clients can compete with big established brands in Google. Small ecommerce sites can beat Amazon at SEO for their specific niche. SAAS products that fix a specific problem can outcompete big complicated software solutions.

I think the browser-based design startup Canva vs the established design suite Adobe is a perfect example of this. And SEO is huge part of Canva’s marketing strategy.

It’s almost as if Google’s systems encourage this type of David and Goliath competition in the SERPs.

This is why the b2b software and SAAS space excites me. It’s also why content marketing and SEO are so often being touted as the most reliable marketing channels for these businesses.

With the content marketing package I wanted to create a simple product that’s affordable but still providing valuable SEO strategy from an experienced SEO practitioner.

Why pay for a bespoke SEO strategy?

Do-it-yourself is the best approach to SEO for small companies on a budget, side hustlers, solopreneurs and micro-SAAS companies.

Learning a bit about SEO, testing out your ideas and creating your own content costs next to nothing compared to hiring an agency and isn’t actually that difficult.

But in many cases companies new to SEO can make mistakes or invest time in strategies that aren’t going to work or deliver results that align with their business goals. Hence, the SEO strategy starter pack is designed to give people a solid foundation to start from and a step-by-step process so they can implement their own SEO.

What if you need extra help with your SEO?

The starter pack includes a follow up call in which we will review your progress and I can answer any questions and give further assistance.

However, if you prefer ongoing support or help with implementing your SEO strategy (e.g. content creation and link building) I provide this for select clients. I suggest you first sign up for the strategy pack. Then you can message me to indicate you are interested in ongoing support after the initial strategy is set out.

My values

Honesty: “Honest SEO” is a response to the tendency for professionals in this space to make things up and bend the truth instead of just saying “I don’t know”. Even Google doesn’t know how Google search works all the time, so anyone who claims they do is lying.

Openness: I strive to be open and direct in communication. Even if that means challenging assumptions.

Transparency: I believe in explaining the why behind my decisions.

SEO should be accessible: SEO doesn’t have to be a dark art. In fact, SEO isn’t that complicated or as difficult as many agencies and marketing professionals will lead you to believe. You can do it yourself if you understand basic concepts and test them out. I want to promote and support this approach to SEO.