Spotify SEO: Grow your audience using SEO

Hopefully you just searched for Spotify SEO in Google or another search engine.

If you did then this is an example of search engine optimisation. It works! SEO can also be used for Spotify to grow your audience by optimizing for Spotify’s algorithm, users searches or by using Google SEO to boost your playlists.

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The only Spotify SEO service

Growing an audience on Spotify is not easy if you’re not signed to a big label or have a big marketing budget. But Spotify is also a flat platform that means any artist can be discovered in theory.

That’s where SEO comes in. You can use search engine optimisation in two ways with Spotify.

Optimizing for Spotify’s internal algorithms

There are a few ways to optimize for user searches in Spotify. Here are my top 5 pointers:

  1. Optimizing your track titles and artist names.
  2. Optimizing your meta data. For example Spotify video podcasts you can add captions. These are readable and therefore searchable (the same applies to YouTube).
  3. Making sure your artwork stands out.
  4. Creating playlists or being featured on playlists.
  5. Strategic outreach to playlist creators or other artists in your genre.

Using other platforms to boost your Spotify plays


This tactic involves getting playlists to rank in Google for popular terms. Millions of people search for playlists in Google, and often Spotify pages come up first. All you have to to is be the playlist creator, or know how to get into the right playlists.


YouTube SEO is a whole different topic, but YT cross promotion is something that can be done strategically to get people to your Spotify.


Like YouTube, TikTok can be used to feed people into your Spotify. How TikTok’s algorithm works is still a mystery to most of us, but there are some ways to get data around TikTok searches that can then be used to promote your music.

Spotify API integrations

There are also some third-party Spotify sites and tools you can use for promotion such as social music tools like as well as some new platforms that are just starting to grow.

Growing an audience on Spotify seems hard but there are loads of strategies and tactics you can use. The key is to establish a strategy and then execute it consistently. I can help you with this.

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